Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Almost finished!

I have run the race and I am almost to the finish line. I can see it in the near distance. I am getting close and I will finish, if I do not stumble and fall. This journey has been long and full of joy, happiness, sorrows and regrets. But it has been a wonderful learning experience. I have met many wonderful people along the way and, of course, I have met a few that I could have been fine without meeting. Most of the professors have been great but some of them have been jerks--c'est la vie.

I have two classes to complete and then I will graduate on May 17th- WooHooo, happy dance, happy dance! Somehow (probably God) I have saved what seem like two for the best for last. I am in Spiritual Formation and also Christian Leadership Identity. Both classes intertwine aspects of the other class and both use many of the same concepts so the two classes flow well together.

Part of the Spiritual formation class was at Canterbury Retreat Center in Oviedo, Florida. I meet some wonderful people there from different parts of the U.S. Some were from south Florida, north Florida, Oklahoma and Alabama. The end of this seminary journey indicates the beginning of another journey through this adventure called life.

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