Sunday, March 11, 2012

Master Theologian

A master theologian taught me many lessons. I studied under this theologian for a little over 16 years. 
Some of the lessons I learned under that theologian were:

1. Be always faithful to your master.
2. Be committed to what you do.
3. Persistence does pay off
4. Be careful what you eat
5. If it s not right, then don't do it.
6. Always have a desire to be close to the Master.

I was a member of the staff for this theologian. It was my privilege to learn under the great master theologian Meow-Meow. I will expound on the lessons I was taught.
1. Be always faithful to your master-- Meow-Meow was ever vigilant to listen for the sounds of her master. When she heard her master she would run to find him. Even when she was nearing death she would struggle to walk down the hall to where her master was. Ever faithful!
2. Be committed to what you do--never give up. Meow-Meow taught me that commitment is crucial. Meow-Meow would get it done if she wanted to do it. If she wanted to eat, she would eat. If she wanted to go outside she would scratch on the glass.
3. Persistence pays off--When Meow-Meow was dying, she fought valiantly to hang on. She did not want to leave us. So we stayed with her until she died. And, of course, if she wanted to get your attention she would just merely speak her name and your attention would be found.
4. Be careful what you eat--Meow-Meow was careful not to eat people food. She would only eat Science Diet food and, of course, only when she wanted to. She was not into shrimp and other things of the such, only "cat" food- not people food.
5. If it's not right, then don't do it--Meow-Meow used to sleep on the dryer, but when she was beginning to get weak we tried to move her bed to the floor-she wouldn't have it. It was not in the right place so it would not do. Also, her litter box had a top that enclosed it except for an opening on one end. We took that off so she could get in easier--nope, it was not right. We had to put the top back on the litter box before she would use it. (see # 3, above)
6. Always have a desire to be close to the Master.--She always wanted to be near me or she wanted me to be near her. So, I have learned from her, always have a strong desire to be with your Master.

Thank you to my good friend Meow-Meow for teaching me so much!

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