Friday, February 24, 2012

In this season of Lent 2012, as in all seasons of Lent, we focus on repentance, penitence and preparation for the resurrection. Lent begins with Ash Wednesday. In the use of ashes we are reminded of our own mortality. We are reminded that nothing but God is forever. I am vividly reminded of this as I write. My very good friend of 16 plus years lies at my feet, dying. My wonderful companion of 16 years has renal failure and all that I can do for her is make her comfortable and be here with her. I found her, or maybe she found me, when she was but a small kitten. I came out of Bible study and there she was, in the church parking lot north of Greensboro, Alabama in about 1996. When I took her home, even after I fed and watered her she would "meow, meow....meow...meow", hence, her name Meow-Meow. She has traveled with me to serve about 14 different churches in two different states. She has been a loving and faithful friend. She even liked to watch television. She is not gone yet...but I do not think it will be very long....let me pause and go and be with my good friend.....

(left)- Meow-Meow watching a TV show about hummingbirds! We loved to watch birds!
(left) In her bed in my home office

(above) 2005 in the kitchen at the parsonage on Zirlott Road

(left)- Feb. 24, 2012-a very sick kitty!

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