Saturday, January 20, 2007


For my birthday my wife bought me a RCA Digital Voice Recorder that
easily fits in a pocket and has the capability to record up to 13 hours.
For Christmas I got a Wacom Graphics Tablet and a 250 GB Western
Digital external hard drive. Santa brought my wife a new Dell Notebook.
I bought a Sandisk 2 GB portable flash drive. Gadgets and gizmos
everywhere. Prior to Christmas we found a remote controlled light
switch. A lamp plugs into the receiver and the remote is similar to an
automobile keyless system...the remote turns the light on and off. I
wonder what is next? Will the gadgets get us or will the gadgets
enslave us? Will we be slaves to technology?

Friday, January 19, 2007

Gray Matter-Gray areas

I recently completed a wonderful book entitled Curing MS: How Science Is Solving The Mysteries of Multiple Sclerosis by Dr. Howard L. Weiner. It is interesting that Dr. Weiner discusses black holes when speaking about MS. When black holes are generally mentioned people think of those as being "out in outer space" but in relation to MS black holes on an MRI indicate damage to nerve cell bodies. The latest theory is that MS is initially triggered by a T cell that enters the brain and begins the process. MRI's are the most recent innovative instrument in detecting MS. There is evidence that the more MS there is on an MRI scan, the greater the disability the patient will have fourteen years later. I was initially diagnosed with MS in 1980. I have had MS for 27 years now. I am a statistical anomaly. Thus far I have, by the grace of God, beaten the odds!
With new MRI techniques it has been found that gray matter in the brain is also involved. Previously it was believed that only the white matter was involved. This may be one of the reasons some MS patients have problems with cognition. I want to close with two quotes by Dr. Weiner:
1--" Only with discipline and a singularity of purpose can one achieve anything. Otherwise, one is bound to drift aimlessly, pushed by the tides to some distant shore; or worse, trapped by a fate that circles endlessly in the same place."

2.--"It is a given that life is not perfect and one of the major challenges for every person is to live one's life well given the imperfections they must face."

Blessings to you!

Thursday, January 18, 2007

Gray Areas

Is the Book of Discipline to be interpreted by implication or literally?

This question is raised over an issue of para. 359.5 Charge conference membership (page 267 of 2004 BOD). Literally, the Book of Discipline states: " All retired clergy members who are not appointed as pastors of a charge, after consultation with the pastor and the district superintendent, shall have a seat in the charge conference and all the privileges of membership in the church where they elect to hold such membership except as set forth in the Discipline. They shall report to the charge conference and to the pastor all marriages performed, baptisms administered, and other pastoral functions..." Thie issue raised was whether an Elder is amenable to a Local Pastor in this situation. If an Elder has his/her membership in a certain charge conference (local church). Is he/she amenable to the appointed pastor in charge of that church/charge, even if that pastor-in-charge is only a Local pastor and not an Elder?
Is the Elder accountable to the appointed Pastor in Charge even if the appointed pastor in charge is not an Elder? Literally, the wording states that the Elder would be amenable to the pastor-in-charge, but some people interpret by implication and say that an Elder is NEVER under authority to a Local Pastor. Is an Elder considered NEVER under authority to a Local Pastor? Does a Local Pastor of a church have NO denominational "rights" when an Elder is involved? Why is the Book of Discipline so ambiguous in this, and many other matters? Since Elders are appointed as Mentor to Local pastors does that imply that Elders are NEVER under authority to a Local Pastor?----- comments and responses appreciated!